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Close FAST - for Cash!

We all find ourselves in situations where we need to sell fast, but don't have the time to find the right buyer or even make repairs so that we can sell. That is where I come in! I buy houses with cash so that we can close fast. In most cases, I can close within three days from our contract date. For more info connect with me!

Pick your Closing Date

As I mentioned above, I can close fast but I also let you pick the day that we close. This allows you to have the time you need to transition to your new location and pick what works best for you!

No Commissions

I am a licensed Missouri real estate agent, but I do not take commissions when I am buying homes. This saves you money and allows you to sell fast and at just the right price! In most cases, this will save you THOUSANDS of dollars!

Sell As-Is

Repairs can be hard and sometimes there are so many repairs that might be needed that you would rather just sell it "as-is", but sometimes that is very hard to do; that's where I come in! I buy homes as-is, NO REPAIRS! 


Sell Your Home Fast with Guy That Buys Homes!

There are many reasons that people need to sell a home quickly, but it isn’t always easy. When you are already low on cash, it can be difficult to deal with the expenses and fees of the traditional real estate system. If you have found yourself in this situation, turn to Guy That Buys Homes. I can give you an honest appraisal of your home value and get your house sold quickly, often within 72 hours. Find out how I can help you!

With no realtor fees and no commission fees, you can keep more of your hard earned money. I can help you save on expenses and get the fast cash you need, so you can move on with life and focus on what’s important. Let’s get started - contact me today!

Reasons to Sell

Selling Fast for Cash

If you need fast cash for your home but you also want to avoid unnecessary fees, Guy That Buys Homes has the answer you’re looking for. I eliminate the middleman, which means no realtor fees, no commission fees, and you get the fast cash you need right away.

Costly Repairs

If your home has costly repairs that are simply unaffordable, turn to Guy That Buys Homes. I am a real estate investor who buys homes for cash, so you can focus on the future and move on to the perfect home for you.

Inherited Property

If you have inherited property and now you are being faced with the burden of taxes and maintenance costs, turn to Guy That Buys Homes. I buy homes for cash, with no realtor costs and no commission fees, so you can make the most of your inheritance.

Death of a Loved On

When a loved one dies, they often leave behind their home. I buy houses for cash, in a quick and easy process that requires no realtors and no commission fees, so you can focus on your family.


If you are going through a divorce, it may be necessary to sell a house and access fast cash. At Guy That Buys Homes, I buy homes for cash, so you can keep moving forward with life.

Rental with Bad Tenant

If you own a rental property with a bad tenant, you may be looking for an option that eliminates the problem and earns you fast cash at the same time. I buy homes for cash, requiring no realtors and no commission fees.

Relocation; Potential of Double Payments - There are many times in life that may require you to relocate to a new home, sometimes before you have sold the old one. I buy houses fast, with no realtors, no commission fees, and no middlemen, so you can keep moving forward.

Late Payments; Potential Foreclosures

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and possibly facing foreclosure, don’t wait for the banks to take your home. I buy homes for cash, which can be a lifeline for many homeowners facing foreclosure.

Own Vacant Home; Listed but Didn't Sell

If you own a vacant home that has been sitting on the market for months, consider reaching out to Guy That Buys Homes. I buy homes for cash, so you can get your home sold quickly and focus on what comes next.

Guy That Buys Homes is Here to Help!

If you are looking to sell your house and get fast cash, reach out to Guy That Buys Homes! I am always here for you. I will provide an honest assessment of your house and a quick turnaround on the sale, so you can get back to your life with the fast cash you need. 

We buy homes for cash, with no realtor fees and no commission fees required! Get the fast cash you need today! Call me at 417.986.5060 or send me an email at!



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